n. Computing a program for manipulating information on a disk.
Etymology: abbr. of disk operating system

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an operating system that is on a disk
Hypernyms: ↑operating system, ↑OS
Instance Hyponyms: ↑MS-DOS, ↑Microsoft disk operating system

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disk operating system

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/daws, dos/, n. Computers.
any of several single-user, command-driven operating systems for microcomputers, esp. MS DOS.
[d(isk) o(perating) s(ystem)]

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DOS /dos/ (computing)
1. Denial of service
2. Disk operating system (see ↑disk)

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DOS UK [dɒs] US [dɑs] trademark
computing Disk Operating System: the basic software in a computer that makes it work and allows you to use a program. It is usually used only in older computers.

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disk operating system.

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Computing abbr. disk operating system, an operating system originally developed for IBM personal computers

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DOS 7 [DOS] [dɒs] [dɔːs] abbreviation (computing)
disk operating system

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obs. f. does, etc. (see do v.), dose.

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